Originally from Kansas City, Corrie has been a New Yorker for over a decade, having finished her schooling at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with an emphasis in musical theater (CAP21 Studio). She has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years performing, producing, directing, choreographing, managing special events and now as a singer/songwriter. She still frequently alternates between the performing and production sides of the theater, music and event industries. Corrie maintains a position on the dance faculty of her alma mater, CAP21, teaching tap to aspiring musical theater professionals as well as the 92nd Street Y, Harkness Dance Center. Visit Truthbase Productions for more information regarding production-related services.

On a more personal level, Corrie came to re-examine her life direction and spiritual convictions. She found a very personal and responsive God, whose Word is living and active and who can bring consistent joy and purpose into our lives. Her songs are designed to reflect, examine and discuss biblically-based values, with an emphasis on application.

Why do I write music?
I write music with a specific purpose - to encourage individual growth in our relationship with God and to challenge spiritual complacency, which can creep into our lives so easily. I write songs that reflect my own personal growth. More importantly, however, they should challenge us all to continually examine the motivations guiding our actions so that we are purposeful in our direction, decisions, actions, reactions and time. Don’t let life pass you by...figure out why you are here and what to do with that information. Ask hard questions and embrace hard answers - seek out truth - and don’t stop there....apply it! I believe that you will not regret it. “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.” (Prov. 3:13).

What do I base my lyrics on?
At the core of my songs, my lyrics are based upon biblical truth. I have personally spent a lot of time searching out absolute or eternal truth - moving from mere ideas and concepts to real convictions. My honest search led me to seek out the God of the Bible. My lyrics are based on biblical principles
as well as my own questions, observations, and experiences in my search for God and now my walk with God. I have learned to repeatedly approach my study of Biblical passages from a rational and objective perspective. I am careful to eliminate the baggage of my own pre-conceived ideas, preferences or even past experiences when studying the Bible. Truly, my personal opinions don’t matter in the end, so I’m diligent to search out the author’s original intent. Any author deserves that respect. I hope you find a consistent and honest message in my lyrics.

Is faith in God a leap into the dark?
I often hear that faith is a “leap into the dark,” which is naturally confusing. Who wants to take a leap into the dark? Not me. I believe our question should be:
Did God intentionally design faith to be a confusing matter? We exercise faith in a lot of things that are far less important than eternal realities without even thinking twice about it. For example, I exercised faith that I would return to the ground after leaping off the rock (see pic) due to what I know (without confusion) about the effects of gravity. In weightier matters, such as eternal destiny and even purpose on earth, the object of our faith becomes paramount, not just whether we “have faith.” Faith in what? If I exercise faith in things that are not ultimately true, I will experience disappointment - guaranteed. We should make sure we’re basing our faith on what God has actually said - that takes a bit of effort to figure it out accurately, but is well-worth it. As a result, we can build solid convictions (that means we’ve examined all the options and come up with the best explanation of all the facts). Once a true conviction is born, our values change and we can experience confidence in exercising our faith based on what is true, not our own inventions or fabrications. Scripture is not confusing when it comes to the definition of faith (Heb. 11:6). Understanding biblical faith and how to effectively exercise it should be a step into the light, resulting in confidence and positive change, not a leap into the darkness resulting in confusion and doubt.

What does Truth have to do with Christianity?
I’m going to give a rather short answer on this one...it either is the truth or it’s not. Jesus says “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). Jesus either is who He claimed to be or He is not - but His claims are so radical and unique that, in all fairness, they should be seriously considered and examined rather than simply brushed aside. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is at the foundation of biblical Christianity. I encourage a thorough search sooner rather than later, as it impacts our direction in life, our self-worth, our happiness, and ultimately, our eternal destiny. Don’t allow past experiences or fear of the unknown taint an honest search. “The truth can set us free!” (John 8:31-32).

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Learn the Truth. Live the Truth. Love others with the Truth.