How did CYT NYC come to be?

CYT NYC is the fulfillment of a prayer to God from 10 years ago. Read more about it HERE.

Psalm 37:4 - Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.


CYT Has Arrived in NYC!

I am proud to announce the arrival of Christian Youth Theater (CYT) to the NYC Metro Area and equally proud to be serving as Artistic Director for this exciting venture!

Please welcome CYT NYC!

started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become the largest youth theater in the nation, offering training in the arts for students ages 6-18 through summer camps, classes and musical productions.

CYT NYC will offer training classes in New York City and Northern NJ beginning fall 2012.


Great new blog!

I HIGHLY recommend this new blog! Challenge yourself to read the Bible in 2012!

When was the last time you read the entire Bible? When was the last time you read the Bible, understood it, and got something useful out of it?

Daily Truthbase Blog
is a guide to reading the Bible in its original context over the course of a year.

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow

I did not personally pen the following 21 qualities, John C. Maxwell did, but I certainly concur.

you up for the challenge??

“If you can become the leader you
ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the person you want on the outside. People will want to follow you. And when that happens, you’ll be able to tackle anything in this world.”


American Idol

Idol worship?! Sure – every Tuesday at 8pm!

Shows like “American Idol” popularize the idea of having someone we can admire – someone we can look up to. There are good things associated with having proper role models, no doubt, but what is at the root of this concept of idolatry? And why would I be concerned if idolatry crept into my life?

Hypocritically Intolerant

Am I seeing my very own country become hypocritically intolerant of differing beliefs and convictions? America, the “land of freedom,” is becoming eerily controlling - led by the inhabitants themselves...

I am perplexed by the folks who, based on their personal opinions or personal causes, accuse non-advocates crying, “You are intolerant! I will not tolerate your viewpoint! You are intolerant!” Get it?!

May our nation of “freedom fighters” resist the urge to become hypocritically intolerant. Really, let’s consider the societal value of restraint - which was at one time it was praised as a high virtue (even the ancient Greeks figured that out).

I’m not the only one seeing this either. Interesting is below...

Ring in the New Year's Resolution

I’m hitting the one-year mark on the start of my blogs in just a few days. I realized that what I wrote last January is just as applicable for 2010 as it was for 2009 or any year for that matter. Need a New Year’s Resolution that will build into your future for the better? Try this one…(resolution idea is near the end).


A Reasonable Choice

Pascal’s Wager (mid-1600’s) is still relevant in the 21st Century...

Blaise Pascal, the French philosopher and mathematician, argued that given the option to believe in or reject the Christian God, the most reasonable choice is to believe in God. Pascal argued that this wager, whether or not to follow God, is a choice all men must make.  Below is his famous chart outlining the decision making process. Read More...

Identity Crisis

Simple interview.  I’ll be the victim.
Question:  What is your identity?

Why, Why, Why?

So, I’m a “why” person.  If you know me well, you know that to be true.  Not a day goes by where I don’t question something and I am generally compelled to seek out the answer – whether to gain general knowledge or to identify the root of an issue so I can work to resolve it.  I understand that I will never have all the answers – I’d need to be omniscient in that case and I’m not.  But maybe we all need to ask more “why’s”…not just to raise issues or complain, but motivated to dig until we legitimately answer our “why’s.”

Let’s not be afraid of these kinds of questions!  They impact our everyday life experience!