Why, Why, Why?

So, I’m a “why” person.  If you know me well, you know that to be true.  Not a day goes by where I don’t question something and I am generally compelled to seek out the answer – whether to gain general knowledge or to identify the root of an issue so I can work to resolve it.  I understand that I will never have all the answers – I’d need to be omniscient in that case and I’m not.  But maybe we all need to ask more “why’s”…not just to raise issues or complain, but motivated to dig until we legitimately answer our “why’s.”

Let’s not be afraid of these kinds of questions!  They impact our everyday life experience! 
(however, legitimate answers cannot be determined based solely on our limited personal experiences or observations):

Why are things such a mess around the world?
Why am I consistently dissatisfied?
Why do I resist change?
Why am I afraid of things staying the same?
Why can’t I stay happy for very long?
Why don’t I have enough time to get everything done I want to?
Why do I have to be super busy to feel worthwhile?
Why does life feel like a race?
Why are my accomplishments never enough?
Why do I feel badly about myself?
Why do I feel that I’m better than somebody else?
Why doesn’t “being better than somebody else” make me happy?
Why are people so selfish?
Why do celebrities often have broken lives or engage in substance abuse if it’s such a great lifestyle?
Why do people who have so much complain so much?
Why did God make me like I am?
Why am I here?
Why does God (assuming there is one) allow evil?
Why does “religion” always seem to produce wacky or “brainwashed” people if it’s legitimate? (I
don’t have a good answer to this one!)


Why do I have these questions and have become content without real answers?

Do we really think there are no answers to some of life’s most important questions?  Nonsense.  These unanswered questions, when not ignored, plague us until we are motivated to look for “something more.”  Alterna
tively, we can try to escape from them and wind up living a life we look back on with regrets rather than joy.

I read a quote recently that was disturbing to me because it has not at all been my experience:
“They say, ‘The truth will set you free,’ but once it sets you free, it rarely makes you laugh.  It should set you free
and make you laugh.  That’s a better deal.”

What’s so miserable about the truth?  And who is “they” this person is referring to?  The Bible does say that “The truth shall make you free” (John 8:32) -  Jesus Christ spoke those words (there is a condition attached, but I’ll let you look that up on your own). 

Who is so sure that life will be
worse or boring or restrictive in ways that make me unhappy because I’ve actually sought out and embraced truth?  Why can’t discovering truth be fun and exciting???

Well, it has been for me.

Most worthwhile ventures take effort.  Seeking out truth is both a legitimate and rewarding adventure! 

I’ve lived a large portion of my life believing mostly lies about God, myself and others and I’m now living in accordance with truth about God, myself and others and there’s simply NO COMPARISON to my quality of life now vs. then!   Seeking legitimate answers was step 1. 

Even if I was the ONLY person alive who had the personal experience that pursuing truth could be fun and incredibly rewarding, it still bucks the overall generalization. I believe truth-seekers can be really fun people to be around!

Maybe asking why, why, why can ultimately lead to happiness and joy! 

And, WHY wouldn’t you want that??