Why do I need to be saved? (Pt 3)

You might expect a blog on sanctification here, which is the next aspect of salvation in a linear line-up, but instead I am going to jump ahead, then I will circle back around.  The reason has to do with motivation and motivation is a very important factor in God’s plan.

The yet future aspect of our salvation is our
glorification (God sharing His glory with faithful followers). God’s plan includes not only our justification from sin, but also our sanctification (becoming more like Him). To motivate us, He tells us about His glory and His plans to share it with us to powerfully motivate us to engage in the sanctification process as well as to persevere in pursuing God - it is really designed that way.

(NOTE:  Parts 1-4 contain a lot of biblical evidence as support.  For a discussion on the authenticity of the Bible see the “Where’s the Evidence?” blog)