Why do I need to be saved? (Pt 1)

Ever encountered someone handing out a little pamphlet in the subway or passed by someone shouting passionately on the street corner or even been told by a friend or family member that you need to be saved? Ever been annoyed by that?

Ever thought to yourself…
saved from what?

Ever thought to yourself…what exactly do these folks gain from sharing this information?

Let’s put their tactics and your judgments aside for a moment and consider what God says about the basics of being saved. Belief is a choice. To be fair, we should at least make sure we understand the facts as presented in Scripture before rejecting or accepting the plan, which may or may not be what you heard in the subway.

(NOTE:  Parts 1-4 contain a lot of biblical evidence as support.  For a discussion on the authenticity of the Bible see the “Where’s the Evidence?” blog) Read More...