Why do I need to be saved? (Pt 4)

I have now addressed what I’ll call the A and the Z of salvation - the A being the restoration of a relationship with God and the Z being the future when we will stand before our Creator to be judged and justly rewarded/glorified. So, what goes on in between A and Z ?

B-Y can be referred to as the sanctification process.
PROCESS. The process of developing a real relationship with our Creator and becoming more like Him in our thoughts, character, motivations and actions – well, that is, if we cooperate.

Are most of the Christians you know models of good works and contagious joy? Do they demonstrate the kind of positive and consistent character that seems only possible with some kind supernatural assistance? If they are being sanctified, they should be…more and more…year after year.

(NOTE:  Parts 1-4 contain a lot of biblical evidence as support.  For a discussion on the authenticity of the Bible see the “Where’s the Evidence?” blog) Read More...