Where's the Evidence?

What kind? Archeological? Bibliographical? Experiential? Scientific? Historical? All of the above?

I am fully aware that my message is staked on the authenticity of the set of compiled writings we call the Bible. It is either the reliable “manual of life” it claims to be or it is not. That’s precisely the reason why it’s important to search out its authenticity. Claims that address areas we can’t see, namely what happens after life, moral issues and claims from our Creator as to our origins and purpose are, to me, worth fully investigating. Truth shouldn’t crumble under pressure.

Let’s start with some questions. I will share some I have had...

Halfhearted Attempt at a Wholehearted Call

“Wow – you’re really committed to God,” I’ve heard people say to me (indicating it’s too much for my own good) or, “That seems to work for you and makes you happy, but it would never work for me.”

Well, my question is “Am I abnormally committed to following God or was life designed to work best this way?” Does a halfhearted pursuit really yield lasting results?

We generally root for wholehearted attempts in things like sports or the arts or even in business because we see immediate results, but we give, at best, a halfhearted nod to our Creator and yet expect miraculous results when we want them.

I can tell you from past experience that the halfhearted or cafeteria-style pursuit (pick and choose what I felt like believing) was a failure and the no-hearted pursuit was empty.