Why do I need to be saved? (Pt 2)

Saved from what has now been addressed in Pt 1. The next question that needs to be addressed is…saved to what?

In other words, what is the larger
purpose behind this salvation plan? Really, if it’s that simple, just a 1-time decision and that’s it, then why not preserve a simple pamphlet or something for humanity instead of a whole Bible? There’s a ton of information in there!

I remember I used to think (although I wouldn’t admit it)…”Well, if getting saved is all there is and I already accepted that plan, then why should I bother to go to church or do Bible study? Pure obligation? To make me feel better? Why should I change my values? I like the ones I have and besides, God accepts me now. Ok, I guess I’ll do that Sunday morning thing when it works into my schedule (unless I’m out late Sat night). Hmmm…that seems lame. This makes no sense.”

(NOTE:  Parts 1-4 contain a lot of biblical evidence as support.  For a discussion on the authenticity of the Bible see the “Where’s the Evidence?” blog)