Let Us Begin


Woke up this morning I’m thinking thru
“What is it, God, today You want me to do?”
You’re waiting there, it’s the start of my day
Waiting for me to ask You what you’ll say

We must ask You. We must seek You.
We must knock and want to go in.
We must trust You. We must believe you.
We must resist when we’re tempted to sin deep within.
Let us begin - again and again.

Straight to Your Word, humbly I’m led
How does my life compare with what You have said?
In al I do I should trust and obey
So I can see your glory on display – but…

Look no further our Creator is there -
He can know you, show you, lead you teach you,
‘cause He’s perfect, holy and pure.
He’s all we need. He’s all we need.